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Posted by Robert Šill 
Robert Šill - Free vs Paid enrollment
February 16, 2017 07:33PM
At the moment I am preparing for an introductory course PROMO 2 materials: PDF file describing my project and video files.

My question is a wish: I would like that all Promo Demo and therefore free courses were also to reach them without any payment from me for the enrollment of students. Enrollment payment for my part I deem appropriate in all paid courses, the student will pay for the paid course!

However, it would be unbearable for me, so I applied for enrollment to any course for free, because free courses serve precisely to attract subscribers to paid courses. Thus, if the example. 50 people wanted to see my free courses, enrollment expect for them free of charge on my part. Of course, the situation is different for paid courses.

As it actually is with payments for enrollments FREE and PAID training on my part? It can be seen FREE courses without enrollment?
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Jan Procházka - Re: Free vs Paid enrollment
February 16, 2017 08:06PM
Yes, it’s exactly as you expect but let’s explain in detail and describe some basic terms we use in LMS.

Enrollment is the internal LMS action that happens always to assign the course to user(s), doesn’t matter if it’s done by admin / teacher via Users module, user enrolls himself via Course catalog or user enrolls himself via eShop. The enroll entry keeps all the data, such as start date, due date, monitors course version and starts all the related notifications.

Each enrollment has its price based on the Course type, there is also the FREE plan available for the Course FREE type.

Therefore you should consider the structure of courses you offer for enroll, especially via LMS Catalog or eShop. There might be also scenarios where you sell the course in eShop for lower price than is the internal enroll price, this is given by the fact that you set the price for eShop in the Course entry. We recommend to keep an eye on that! My personal opinion is that there should be a positive profit from selling courses but if you like to sell with a loss there is just the chance to do that.

For cases of the FREE courses offered through the eShop there is no enrollment fee as stated above. The user in the eShop places his courses into his Shopping Cart and if the amount is 0, the enrollment is done immediately when he proceeds to checkout. The user will be enrolled immediately also in the case you sell courses where enrollment fee is not for free but you set the price for eShop as 0.

There are also options to sell FREE courses for some amounts. In that case is the customer redirected to the PayPal gateway to proceed the payment. Your enrollment fee is still 0 and you get the profits from the transaction.

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