Direct access to the course

Posted by Daniel Chaya 
Daniel Chaya - Direct access to the course
April 16, 2017 09:10AM
want to ask about the possibility of sharing the course I uploaded on my account with others.
I mean if it is possible to get a link or to make anything in order to have anonymous access to my course.
Because I want to share my course with people, but it is difficult to add too many in the system.
and i don't want user to login in order to access the course, i want him to access it directly.
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Jan Proch√°zka - Re: Direct access to the course
April 16, 2017 06:03PM
There is always necessary to login to the platform as there is all the enrollment details linked to the particular user assignment, such as course version, results reporting, course time duration, ...

But the solution for your need is:

a. upload the users in the xls or csv file
b. To share the course or other content with the users and allow direct access, you may use the direct link placeholder in the enrollment notification.

Basically the enroll of the user is still necessary and the access of the user is done via the direct access link, we call autologin.

Go to the Administration / Notifications / you may either:
- create new notification, the User enrolled to course
- edit the notification type User enrolled to course (when creating the platform this notification is predefined, makes sense to edit this one instead of having 2 enrollment notifications)

When creating of editing the notification, there is the placeholder field or button. The list contains various system values that may be added to the email message and therefore the message is personalized to each user.
Find the autologin placeholder, copy and paste the string starting ## and ending with ## to your message. Edit your notification text, save and you are done.

Consider using of placeholder as all of the users receive this autologin link when you enrolling those to the course or other content. The login reasons (using the name and password) is to be able prove who was performing the study. In case of autologin link, everyone may login and study in case he has the link available.


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