Trusting you

Posted by Faisal khan 
Faisal khan - Trusting you
July 05, 2017 01:18PM
Hello Jan,

Thanks, it seems a promising project. I have questions though.

I googled around, with very little information about your company. I see that you are the only one posting here.

Is it a a one man company ?

The question is how can we trust your company if we start selling online courses as it is a big bet. How can you address our concerns that you company goes out of the business one day..... and with that we also go out of business.

These are just some of the concerns, that any one might have and its better to address them. In any case, I again would say it is a promising project.
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Jan Proch√°zka - Re: Trusting you
July 06, 2017 06:27PM
Thank you very much for your question as it touches a generic theme of business cooperation. It's how to protect your assets and earnings. We have paid attention to these features as small business is always sensitive.

First to your question about the project lasting, even small or big projects or companies may go out of business (do you remember KODAK, NOKIA, LEHMAN BROTHERS, ..., big companies?) and its always up to you to consider the fit of the product to your purposes and all the features that the product offers to protect your assets and finance.

Second, the platform allows you to withdraw the earnings to you at whatever time, and you may be sure that you have your finance at home under control.

TRAINING-ONLINE.EU project is based to provide long term educational platform and plans also future functionalities and features, such as webex online lessons, ..


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