How to group lessons

Posted by Faisal khan 
Faisal khan - How to group lessons
July 05, 2017 01:40PM

I see one important feature missing. That is grouping lessons into sections or chapters, for clarity purpose.


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Jan Proch√°zka - Re: How to group lessons
July 06, 2017 06:29PM
To maintain the easiest way of use we just use two levels, Lesson and Course. However you may order the lessons within the course in the logical order exactly as you need to ensure the user follow your learning plan. There is also the prerequisite functionality allowed to ensure the user has to pass some lesson(s) before the next is open.
Courses and lessons link

In some lessons (skillgap, survey), there is also chapters supported.

If you like you may describe our chapters in the Course descrition field and refer to exact lessons.


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