Recommended working practices to test the system

Posted by Jan Procházka 
Jan Procházka - Recommended working practices to test the system
March 13, 2016 07:09PM
While you're getting familiar with the platform, we would like to recommend a few working practices that proved to be useful in the past and will help you to understand the functioning of our system.

As soon as you get a full version of the Training-Online platform, all its functionalities are immediately available. This also means that the system engine will automatically trigger a series of actions:

- An email notification with user information will be immediately sent to the newly created users.
We recommend using your own email addresses for testing purposes to have a full control over what happens. Add real users once you are sure that they are aware that the login information is to come. If they are not informed beforehand, they could accidentally delete the information.

- Import the users
Just test how the import works, still using your own email addresses. Use the Export function to export the data import structure to a .csv file. Open the file in your spreadsheet editor (MS Excel, for example) and fill in your test users. Username, Name, Surname and Email fields are required, others are optional. Save the documents as a .csv file and go to Import users function. You will be asked to select the user role when importing. We recommend selecting “user” that only has access rights to My Study page, not to administration.

- Create various types of your own test courses and lessons.
You may see the lesson preview in the lesson list, just using the View button. There is no answers or data tracking while previewing.

- Assign (we say enroll) courses to yourself and try the Student View mode.
You may track your own performance in the Reporting module. As an admin, you are using the same view mode: you see your own My Study page just as other users see. That is because firstly, you may be a student as well, and secondly, we suppose that you will be both the creator and the tester of your courses.

- Check the reporting module where all the study data are available.
Training-Online provides a full data reporting, including the answers to each question. You can export them as a .csv or .xls file to a spreadsheet editor to create just the type of analysis you need. The report module provides 2 view modes. The first serves to track performance on a course level, while the second provides a detailed data at question level.

- Adapt the platform skin.
You may change the color scheme and the logo to match with your company website or intranet. This will help you and your users to get usedto your new platform.

Good luck with your first steps!
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