Step 2 - Roles

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Root - Step 2 - Roles
October 12, 2013 10:12PM
There is just 3 roles in default when the system is created but you have a full freedom to create additional roles and assign to users you need to perform specific actions. Also the roles module is fully configurable to be accessed by users who you will provide with read/write level, therefore consider who you provide the access as he will be able to change basic access policy given by yourself.

- Admin - full access permission, consider to provide this access level. We do recommend provide this access level only to core system administrators.
- Teacher - has the access to most common functionality such as Users, Courses and Lessons
- User - has the basic rights just to study the content

We assume that the most used role will be a group leader or teacher who will be responsible for taking care of his department or class room. This person will typically have the full access to the course and user module.

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