Step 4 - Courses and Learning content

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Root - Step 4 - Courses and Learning content
October 12, 2013 10:49PM
Adding of your content such as learning material or tests, and creating Courses has just two steps.

1. Create Course - by adding available Lessons - the lesson(s) may be selected from the list of available items or you may create a new lesson in the course edit mode
2. Create Lessons - by importing your content you will prepare the base for creating a course

Importing/Creating of the content is done in 3 ways:
- import PDF files, whatever content you have prepared in the past, such as MS PowerPoint, Word, Excel, ..., all of those may be saved as pdf files and uploaded to a lesson
- Presentation lesson, MS PowerPoint or OpenOffice Presentations with their native behaviors such as animations or embedded videos may be uploaded
- Video Lesson, upload mp4 video files to the system storage or use YouTube videos
- import SCORM 1.2 course files. SCORM is an industry standard that defines the LMS and course interface which enables you to create your courses with extra features in specialized software (Adobe Captivate, iSpring, ...).
- create your own content and tests in the built in Test Editor
- create Internal Announcements in the built in editor for distributing your company policy, news or announcements where you need to track users Acceptance or Read
- create SkillGap in the built in editor for students skills analysis before or after training project
- create Survey lesson for employees, partners or customer surveys and questioning
- create Virtual Classroom lesson for interactive teacher to students online classroom

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