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October 23, 2013 09:57PM
Prerequisite is used when you require student to fulfill required material, such as lessons, courses, tests, ... Prerequisite means that the next lesson is locked unless you successfully finish current lesson. When building the course and making a proper lessons order, you may also set the prerequisite.

Enforcing the lesson fulfillment or setting a proper lesson order increases the level of Course completion but finally also increases the student knowledge. You may use this in different areas, basically in the schools, but also for onboarding or other business eLearning solutions. This is what you looking for when preparing the successful learning project.

You may set the prerequisite on course or lesson level:

1. Lesson level
To ensure the proper flow within the Course, you may set the prerequisite for each lesson. The best practice is that you lock previous lesson, if there is more lessons to be completed, you may make a chain of prerequisites, means that every lesson has its predecessor.

Just go to the Course, open the lesson list. In the right Action section, there is the prerequisite function, click on and the available course list is shown. Select the course and Save.

Then the prerequisite Lesson name appears in the list column Prerequisite

When the user accesses the course through the My Study page, opens the Course and will see the first lesson open and next lesson locked.

2. Course level
(Do remember that the prerequisite course has to be enrolled first! It's not done automatically but may be solved by using the learning plan)

For cases your learning project contains more courses or logical units, you may also to set the prerequisite at the Course level, which means that the predeceasing course has to be completed before the next is unlocked for study
To set the prerequisite is done when you perform the enroll the content to the user(s). Just click on the prerequisite list and select the Course that needs to be finished as prerequisite.

If the Course prerequisite is set you will see the Course name in the fied Prerequisite (the is none in our example). The Course would be locked in case the prerequisite isn't done.

The system recognizes courses back to 90 days a prerequisite, so if the user had successfully finished the prerequisite in the past 90 days, its considered as completed, even if you have enrolled a new prerequisite course.

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