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April 24, 2016 07:53PM
Initial Space
Space management in automatically exhausts the space based on the files size you add along with lessons. It may float as the lessons are added (or versions of the lesson) or deleted.
When new Training-Online.Eu platform is created, there is a basic space of 50MB provided. You may extend your data space in the Settings / Space Management Tab. Its possible to add 100MB space blocks and extend your data space as per your need.

In the Space Management Tab you will find the information about
- Total available space
- Occupied space
- Remaining available space, including the files in quarantine
- Information about packages already purchased.

Space Management
As you add the data space packages, they have its time duration for 365days. After this period the data package should be prolonged in case you still need such a space. You may also set the automatic prolongation of the package or use the system notification service, this function ensures you will not forget to prolong it.

You may set the maximum file size in the Settings tab in order to manage the space usage.

In case the data package expires, the files exceeding actual paid Data Space total size will become the quarantine status before the deletion is done. The files are still in the Data Storage but will not appear in Lessons View mode where used. The quarantine time is set to 30 days and you may extend the Data Space whenever during this time to activate those file again. In case you will not extend, the files will be deleted permanently after the 30 days period is passed.
You may set email system Notifications to inform you about the of space blocks expirations and help you to manage easier.

To free up the space the lesson have to be deleted AND there must be no active enrollment AND not used in courses, they have expiration in the future. The reason for that is that the LMS allows to view the lessons even if the course is in the completed or failed status.

Space Management functions
* Add space - to increase the total space, done in blocks of 100MB
* Extension - is used to extend the individual data space block of another 365 days manually
* Autoextension - is used to extend the individual data space block of another 365 days automatically - we believe this function prevents that you forget to extend your data space and the access to data will be limited
* Stop autoextension - to stop autoextension

Uploaded files
you may find the detailed file report in order to be able decide which files are not of use any longer and free you space in the Uploaded files tab.

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