Low level of courses completion

Posted by Jan Procházka 
Jan Procházka - Low level of courses completion
May 24, 2016 07:49PM
In cases you face the situation of low courses completion level you may think about making a higher pressure on students by using Email Notifications. Just add more notifications about the course due date for the last 10 or 7 days. Training-Online.Eu platform comes with predefined Notifications but you may increase their intensity.

As you may set the exact time of sending the notification, just create additional Notifications, see the example >here<. Fill the missing enrollments for days in the period before the enrollment due you decided to cover.
To create new Notification you may use the Create New Notification button / select type Enrollment due or just Copy existing notification. In this case we would recommend use the copy function, then edit new Notification. If you edit the >Time and Subject<, then you are done (in case you changed the body of the message, then you need to review also this).
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