Lost or forgot login details (login and password recovery)

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Masteradmin - Lost or forgot login details (login and password recovery)
May 26, 2016 02:51PM
Password recovery
In cases you lost your login name or need to recover password, just use the "I don't know my password" function available at the login page. This way each user will receive login details to his mailbox, in case the email address exists.
Note: Access to Your system on Training-Online.eu is possible from everywhere but only through Your own link your_domain.training-online.eu (www.Training-Online.eu webpage itself doesn't offer login to private systems). See the registration >here<

Reset procedure:
1. Ask for password reset.
2. Open email.
3. Click the recovery link.
4. Set new password - you should be logged in automatically.

Common issues, when the user isn't able login:
- User hasn't followed the password setup procedure and used the old password saved in the browser.
- User tries to access the site and login via password recovery link - the link is one time and can't be used for next time.
- The password recovery email was opened after its expiration - there is 24hours link validity.
- Some browser cache issue - clean the browser cache and try again.

Password recovery On/Off
In case the function isn't available, the function may be switched OFF as this is fully configurable within the Administration / Settings / General Settings.
There might be some security reasons why to switch the function OFF but in that cases you as an admin have to take action once the user forgets. As we strongly support the security and passwords privacy, there is the only one option how to recover. The only way to reset the password would be the to switch the function on for the action, fill the user email which ensures the login info will be sent and then to switch the function OFF again. In general we do recommend to leave the function ON.
The system comes with the function ON when you register / create new platform.

In case you didn’t find the recovery email in your mailbox, check also spam and trash bin folder.

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