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Masteradmin - My Account - Change of personal information
June 06, 2016 09:17AM
1. My Account location
In case you need to change the email address, language, password or other personal details, there is the My Account module, accessible from the Main menu directly.
There is also the functionality for periodic passsword or information update to help maintain the data accurate and ensure the security.

To get to the MyAccount info, you may also click on the name of logged user, it will route you to the same MyAccount destination.

2. Change the data
Just click the My Account icon (this icon is accessible to every system user, system rights regardless and shows his personal information).
The form offers change of password, personal data, email address and language of the platform.

a. Password change
To change the password, mark the Change the password checkbox.

For security reasons we do require you to add your current password.
Then fill in your new password and confirm password field. Both fields have to match.
Roll down and SAVE

b. Personal data and email
The form contains required fields marked by bold text and asterisk and optional fields with thin text.
All the data are used in the system either for student certification, reporting or data breaking.

Form contains:
* First name - (required)
* Surname - (required)
* Firm - company or institution name
* Firm ID - VAT or other identification number
* Department
* Branch
* Address - address of the user, may be home or company (required)
* City - same as above (required)
* Zip code - same as above (required)
* Country - user location country (required)
The field offers country selection, you may either list the country and select or start typing to reduce the overall list and select.

* Birth date
* Phone
* E-mail - users email address. This address is taken as unique user identification, may be used for login or password recovery (required). This way you change your address for your personal account, even admin account but the initial platform registration address remains as entered during the registration process.
Change the information and SAVE

c. Language for system navigation
Each individual user may set his own system menu language. More info is also described in the language settings article.
Change the language and SAVE.

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