Deleting Courses and Lessons

Posted by Jan Procházka 
Jan Procházka - Deleting Courses and Lessons
July 17, 2016 12:19PM
when you need to delete Courses or Lessons its necessary to consider there are some dependencies in the system. Users may be assigned to the Course and Course as a logical unit contains Lessons. To keep the consistency of study content and the courses that are assigned to users already, there is the protection mechanisms applied.

Therefore you should make sure:
1. Is the course enrolled to some users?
- If you intend to delete the course, please check the Course Enrollments. Once the course enrollments are clear, you are able to delete. but sure we recommend to leave all enrolled courses to finish and delete once they are finished.
- in cases you want to change the course content (delete, modify, add lessons) but not to delete the Course, it's possible even if the course is enrolled. Course version that was valid at the time of Course enrollment stays assigned to the enrolled user and new Course version with your adaptations is created. This versioning functionality ensures, that every user studies exactly the content that you have enrolled to him and you are not changing the content through his study period.

2. Delete the Lesson(s) from Course
Course is a logical unit (folder) and the lesson here may be added or removed (but deleting is done in Lessons module). In practice if you don't want use the lesson in the Course, it may be removed from the course but you may keep the lesson in Lessons module.

- Go to Course module, open the list of lessons in the Course. Lessons that you want delete has to be Removed from the course first, simply use the Remove function.

3. Delete lesson(s)
- Go to Lessons module and delete particular entry(ies)

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