Question evaluation - Partial score function

Posted by Jan Procházka 
Jan Procházka - Question evaluation - Partial score function
July 17, 2016 08:09PM
Partial score is the function which enables you to evaluate questions with more correct answers when the answers are correct partially. This is to avoid the situations where just one incorrect answer leads to the overall incorrect rating and no points to the test evaluation are gained.
To make the questions evaluation more fair, just switch the function on, when creating the Test lesson.

The evaluation engine uses the % logic of correct answered items. In this logic is used:

Let's use an example of question with 2 total points that may be achieved. where you created 5 answers.

In respect to this evaluation logic, your should consider to set up a proper completion score as if you mark all the answers, you will still get some score.

Partial score is used in following question types:
- Multiple correct
- Connect
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