Set your own domain name - integrate LMS and eSHOP to your website

Posted by Jan Procházka 
Jan Procházka - Set your own domain name - integrate LMS and eSHOP to your website
September 19, 2016 08:33PM
Set your own domain name in is very easy and may be done in 2 steps.
You would need to have an access to your domain name DNS management and admin access to your eLearning platform.

This feature allows you to setup whatever domain and sub domain name regardless on the name you have registered when you created your eLearning platform.
Indeed you have to own the domain to use its name but the sub domain name may be selected based on your free preference.

This gives you perfect chance to integrate your eLearning eShop and platform to your website seamlessly. The user will not recognize any difference and this eLearning software will look like your own.

Step 1)
- Secure your domain name (eg. and go to the DNS edit mode.
- Add new CNAME record that's leading to "". The CNAME will contain your desired sub domain name and the domain name of your domain.

Step 2)
- Login to your eLearning platform and go the Settings module
- In the Settings, click "Set own domain name"
- Add domain name to the "Domain name" field. Add the name, you have selected in the DNS entry

As you add a new domain name in the settings module, you may face the message that "Domain name seems not working". Don't panic, the message may appear for some time. The system is checking to reach this address you have set in CNAME entry with your domain name authority. Sometime it takes some time unless new CNAME entry is published through the network. In case there the message after couple of days, check your domain settings once again.

Note: To set the sub domain name doesn't mean the address will be redirected. You have to use the new address and the users coming to new URL will see the new URL only. The users coming through the old URL, will use this address. The reason for not redirecting is hat in case of your domain expiration, there would be a closed loop and you would not to have a chance login to your system.
Therefore to use your on sub domain name, do the setup as soon as possible and start your platform with new sub domain + keep your first login email, in cases you would need to login the old address way.

For cases you like to setup the SSL security for your own domain see the SSL configuration.

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