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September 25, 2016 08:58PM platform offers an option to allow your students and employees to find the courses available in internal course catalog and self register (self assign, self enroll) for a course. We call this function Selfenroll.
* Inform your users what to study - you may just inform users that there is some recommended content they should study, usually send them an email with names or IDs of the course and they should be able to find, enroll and study the content themselves.
* Knowledge Base - your LMS may be also used as the knowledge base where all your product and services information are stored, the users may find their content themselves.

To allow Selfenroll there is 3 steps to setup this functionality:

1. Settings
You need to activate this function by clicking the checkbox in the Settings module. Once you allow this, the Catalog button appears in the top menu to all users.

2. Users
To protect the disuse of the Selfenroll function, the user's needs to have the permission for this action. You have just 2 options, how to make this:
- manually - open the user entry and select the Selfenroll allowed checkbox
- automatic - go to the Settings / General Settings, where you fill the "Selfenroll allowed urls" with the email address you want to have the rights for Selfenroll. Once the user passes the registration process, the Selfenroll function will be set On. This is used mainly when you provide the overall information in the email, you want users register themselves and enroll their study on their own.

3. Courses
You have to select the course(s) to be displayed in the Catalog for the search. Open the course and select the Catalog checkbox.
As you select it, the course need to have specified the due period for the enrollment. This due day period means the number of days (weeks, months, ..) that will be the Course available for the study.

4. Catalog Search
Catalog shows the courses available for the study as a list of courses immediately you click the Catalog function. This is done to allow you immediately see whats in your Catalog database and to simplify the search and selfenroll. The user has therefore the easiest way to his course as he can directly see the full list without knowing any of the course parameters.
The user can either to pass through the list:
- one by one, see the each entry and decide which course is good for him
- use the filter fields in the headers, each column may be used to filter of the combination of papameters may be used as well. The Name entry performs the search also in the course description field.
If there is more

Results are shown when you click Filter.

The user may go and select the Course for his study. All the system email notifications related to the user course enrollment, such as course link, course due date approaching, ..., are started at that moment.
Bear in mind that all Enrollments and Selfenrollments are a subject for Activity type fee and if there is low credit in platform wallet, the Selfenroll can't be performed. Therefore it's good to anticipate the future costs with each training session you start and fill the wallet or just use only the Free Enrollment course type.

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