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Masteradmin - Course versions - Versioning function
September 28, 2016 08:14PM
Content versions has implemented the versioning functionality, which means that each user studies exactly the course version you have assigned to him. This function allows you to exactly identify the content that has been studied.
As you create the course, it starts with the version XXXXXX-000 and unless you make a first enroll the course will remain 000. Once you assign the course, you are allowed changes in the content and the version will be upgraded to 001 and so on.

See the example, the third row shows that the course has been changed 3 times after enrollments. For sure there was the version 000, 001, 002 enrolled to some user previously. Then made one more lesson edit and the version is now 003.

We do recommend to make each course version print screens in cases of statutory courses where you need to prove the content that has been studied by the user. For instance in situations of some disputes or lawsuits it may be very helpful.
When editing the Courses and its lessons as an admin or teacher, you always see the last version. Previous versions are assigned and studied by the users as they were but there is no view from the admin or teacher view.

Enrollment parameters
All enrollments parameters are set in the system and are kept even in cases you will change the course or lesson parameters. Versioning function is used to having the evidence of each enrollment version exactly and the user will study it as it was at the time of enrollment.

This in practice means, that in case you want to change the content he is actually studying, you have to cancel actual Course enrollment and make the enroll again. The system keeps the lesson copy when you edit it.

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