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October 07, 2016 07:07PM
Course is a logical unit that may contain all available types of lessons. The course is then enrolled to the user(s).

1. Create the Course entry
To create new course, go to the Administration / Courses module. Use the “Create New Course” button to open the form.

2. Edit the Course entry
Fill the fields, especially the name and description is used to recognize the course content easily.

Field description:
- Name – the name of the course, must be unique
- Category – for cases the Catalog or eShop function is switched on, the category helps users better recognize the topic of the course
- Language – for cases the Catalog or eShop function is switched on, the language helps users better recognize the language of the course content
- Description – detailed description of the course goals and content
- Icon – for cases the eShop function is switched on, the icon is shown as a Course picture
- Needed Score – is the % score calculated as a number of lessons that needs to be completed out of the total number of lessons. Eg. 50% for 2 lessons means, that one lesson must be completed.
- Expected study time – is the time indicating students the time they spend on the study. The unit is set in hours.
- Degree Achieved – is the TITLE that is achieved by completing the course
- Certificate - Select existing or create new certificate. If you leave empty, the certificate will not be issued.
- Visible to all – marking the checkbox will ensure the course is visible to all admin / teachers who has the rights see or edit the course module content.

As you create the brand new course logical unit there is a checkbox to Catalog or eShop display. The checkbox is active only in case there are some lessons included in the Course.
To resolve this, save the entry, add lessons and go back to Course edit mode.
If you open courses with existing lessons, the eShop checkbox is active. For cases of some lessons with questions, there must be also at least one question.

Once you activate the eShop display in the course entry, you should pay attention to following fields:
- Self Enroll Due – is the time value for which will be the course available for the study. All the email notifications related to the due date will calculate with this value.
- Units – time definition for the above value
- Price – is the price that will be paid by your customer. The revenue will be added to your wallet credit system. Please remember there is the internal LMS enroll price associated to the purchase of the course(s). We do recommend set the selling prices higher than the LMS internal fees.

Be aware that the same moment you save the Course settings where you have checked to display either in Catalog or eShop, it will become visible to the users with all related actions.

3. Add lessons
To add lessons, tick the green plus symbol on the left side and the list of lessons.
Here you may to create new, add existing lessons, view lessons preview, change their order or add dependencies by using prerequisities or copy the lesson.

4. Make proper Lessons order
Use the Move Up, Move down arrows at the right part of the lesson list to make a proper order of the lessons that allows the student follow the topic.
The lessons order makes the logical units and may be considered as chapters (areas), however there is chapters in some lesson types available (Survey, SkillGap). Tip. if you like to make a greater chapters, you may use aslo learning plans and set each course as one chapter.

5. Prerequisites
You may enforce to complete the previous lesson by using the prerequisites. It usually helps to achieve a better study results, if you use the lesson lock system and the user has to pass through the lessons you feel important or necessary for successful fulfillment of the course. Once the prerequisite lesson is successfully completed, the next lesson is open to study.

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