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October 08, 2016 09:05PM provides the Catalog search engine to allow self paced learning ad users may search for the courses and enroll themselves.
As the user enrolls the course to study, its visible in his MyStudy page of your LMS platform.

To turn on the Catalog solution,
1. Switch the Catalog on
login as an admin, go to settings and mark the Catalog checkbox. The Catalog functionality is switched off by default and you need to turn on by clicking the checkbox.

Selfenroll allowed URLs mean that users who makes an registration themselves and fill in the email address which is same with the domain name in the field Selfenroll allowed URLs, is automatically set to see and use this function.
Other users need to be set for the Selfenroll in the User entry edit

2. As you turn the Catalog on, it will become visible to all internal users with the Selfenroll rights.

3. Set the courses to be visible in the Catalog
a. As you create the brand new course logical unit there is a checkbox to Catalog display. The checkbox is active only in case there are some lessons included in the Course.
To resolve this, save the entry, add lessons and go back to Course edit mode.

b. If you open courses with existing lessons, the Catalog checkbox is active. For cases of some lessons with questions, there must be also at least one question.

c. Once you activate the Catalog display in the course entry, you should pay attention to following fields:

i. Category – will help users to have a better orientation in your offering. There is a list of predefined areas you may select. Your eShop shows only the entries that are used in some course(s).
ii. Language – select the language of the course content
iii. Selfenroll Due – is the time value for which will be the course available for the study. All the email notifications related to the due date will calculate with this value.
iv. Selfenroll Unit – time definition for the above value

d. Each user with Selfenroll rights may see the Search icon and perform the search and enroll.

4. Now the courses are searched and may be selfenrolled by the users.

5. The user then sees his enrolled course on the LMS My Study page and may begin his study

Be aware that Selfenrolling the courses is the subject of enrollment fees base don the activity type

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