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Masteradmin - User Login to eLearning System
February 01, 2017 09:52PM
To login to your eLearning system, you need to know your basic login details

1. eLearning platform URL
Each learning platform has its own address (example: therefore you have to know it.
Most probably you will find the account creation email or some course enrollment emails where you may find the link.

2. Your user name
Username was sent to you in the account creation email. Try to search your email account.
You may also use your email address as the username.

3. Your password
A. You either use the link that was sent to you in the account creation email and set your password, then you are logged in automatically.

As the initial link has the time validity set for 24 hours from the registration, you may also face the message about the link expiration.

In such case the link is expired, you may get a new password, please see the point C here below.

B. Or you just use the password you set before.

C. In cases you didn't find any login email, there is an option to recover your password via the I don't know my password function.

4. Login
After you login you see the My Study page, in some cases there is your personel information update required.

In cases the Update account apperas and you are not ready to fill in, you may navigate away by using the main banner menu.
The update form will appear every time you login unless you fill and save the required details.

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