Learning plan helps you manage enrollments

Posted by Jan Procházka 
Jan Procházka - Learning plan helps you manage enrollments
February 12, 2017 09:25PM
Are you handling courses for different user groups? Are they having different learning or regulatory needs?

You may create learning plan for each individual user group based on their needs. Learning plan is the logical unit where you may add one or more courses and enroll all those courses at once, being sure that you didn't forgot any of them. This makes using of Training-Online.eu really easy.

Learning plans may be entered via Administration / Courses or Lessons module, Select the Learning plan tab.

1. Create Learning Plan

Click the Create Learning plan icon and add the name, such as group, department, ... to recognize the plan later.

2. Add courses to the plan

Use the unfold symbol on the left side to see the list of inserted courses. At the beginning the list is empty and you need to add courses, which may be done 2 ways:

- create new course - the course needs to be setup and then return to learning plan to insert.
- add existing course - open the list of courses, select the courses and add to plan.

3. Learning plan Enrollment

Within the enrollment process, you will see also learning plans to be available in the selection list.
As the Learning plan contains one or usually more courses, the price per enrollment is calculated for each course based on its course type. The price shown is the sum up of all enrolled contents to the number of users you have selected. Learn about the pricing structure and free plan possibilities >here<.

You may also to create the dependencies of the Courses placed within the learning plan (means some courses are locked unless tghe previous is completed), we call Prerequisites.

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Jan Procházka - Re: Learning plan helps you manage enrollments
April 23, 2017 04:54PM
Use of learning plans for Onboarding

We consider the onboarding as a set of information, policies, tests and surveys that helps to the newbie understand the areas of company core business, products, services, internal policies, regulatory courses, information about required documentation, ...

All those information may be published through the courses and lessons within your Training-Online.eu elearning platform. It's also a common practice to group all those courses to the Learning plan which ensures you not forget any important information.


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