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October 26, 2013 09:13PM Email Notifications are fully configurable messages that are sent while triggered by some action, such as Course Enrolment, Course Due Date and many others. You may also decide who is the reciever of the message by defining one of three options: Admin, Event Iniciator, Subject Of The Event.

Email Notifications increases the User awarness of assigned content and if you configure so, you may also send the message alerts to get user know that the time of due is comming.

Once the message is set will be for the use of all system users, no matter if internal or external. The messages are sent to email addresses registered in system user profile.

The LMS system comes with predefined set of notifications but it's fully up to you to create new or copy existing.
We would recommend to use notifications towards the users as they are significantly increasing the users motivation to complete the courses.

When setting the notification you use Placeholders which you insert at places in text you want to have variable, you may set user names, course names, dates and many others.

* Time - in days, use this unit to define the period after or before by using + days or - days, based on when the selected activity happens. Eg. When you choose "User enrolled to course" the activity happens when the teacher assigns the user to the course it happens at that moment, so most probably you want to send it immediately and you set 0, indeed you may inform the user several times and set plus days. But when you choose "Enrollment due" the date is in the future and most probably you want to inform user before that day, you set the value to minus days.

Note: for enrollments where you set unlimited Enrollment time when you assign the user to the course, the notifications that are Course due date dependent will not work.

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