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Root - Settings Enable Registration
October 28, 2013 09:00PM
Enable registration enables the user for self register to your eLearning system, the user will be created with the Default Registration Role, which is by system preset to User Role (but possible to change in Settings).
At the system login page there is the Register tab visible, this setting is system default and comes switched on when the system is created.

- In cases of using in closed group, company or class, the user is usually created by admin or team leader, but the self registration may be still allowed. In that case is recommended that the master admin assigns the user to respective group to have its teacher or team leader once the user has been created. Master admin is usually informed by system notification about the creation.
This scenario is usually used in cases where you cooperate with limited number of organizations and you want their users to enter your system. Same time you may allow for selected domain to get the course selfenroll rights.

- This function is used mainly in cases of using the eShop solution, where the user selects its content and during the payment is the user registration required.
eShop user self-register is a must, each user has to register to be able study but for the mass use is the best solution where user may self register and also assign the course in one step.

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