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Jan Procházka - Settings - SSL certificate configuration
April 11, 2017 08:44PM provides free SSL certificate for all subdomains that are placed on our domain. When you have decided to use your own domain name and want to have a full SSL security, you have to provide your own domain name and your own SSL certificate details.

1. SSL Setup

- Activate and Set your own domain name
- Set SSL Custom certificate by filling in (we do recommend the Copy & Paste):
    * SSL Certificate
    * SSL Intermediate Certificate
    * SSL Key

2. Certificate validity

For your own domain, you need to provide valid certificate and keep its validity. There is a set of control checks when uploading the certificate and in case there is some information not correct, the certificate will not be applied.
The certificate you are uploading must be:

    * issued for the particular domain, including its subdomain (example: subdomain.domain.tld)
    * wildcard certificate where any name of the subdomain allowed (example: *.domain.tld)

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