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April 16, 2017 08:13PM
You may select from predefined templates or create your own certificate to issue this certificate once the course is successfully completed by the student. The certificate may be downloaded by the user as the pdf file or may be sent via the notification email.

1. Certificates

Enter the Certificates list and editor through Administration / Course or Administration / Lesson module, Certificate tab.

a. Certificate list
There is unlimited number of entries allowed and you may create unique certificate for each course and personalize it to every single user.

b. Create New Certificate

Use the Create New Certificate function, the certificate editor opens and shows following:

    * Background Editing tab starting with general data and the background settings. You may leave empty (white), image - predefined images, or custom image that will be fit into the background.
    For high resolution images we do recommend to convert pdf to png and load to system as png.
    * Line tabs - each certificate is split to 7 horizontal zones where you may add your texts or system variables to personalize the certificate for each user.
    * Lines 1 - 7 you may set number of columns that will be splitting the line. You may also use the Column settings to set empty (white), add text via editor, add image - predefined image, or add custom image.
    * Preview of your certificate shows your changes and final certificate view. All changes are shown when you press Preview. You may also select the lines and the appropriate tab will be displayed to allow you edit it.

Each new certificate creates with the predefined text and system variables to give you inspiration and help you create it much easier.

"Please note that the preview is just the indication and shows where you have placed all the components within the page but is using only rough pictures quality. If you like to see the exact certificate quality, please use the Preview or PDF Preview"
The output document quality is set to 1000x500 pixels and should provide enough quality for viewing and printing.

2. Assign the certificate to the Course

The certificate must be assigned to the Course that will be representing. One certificate may be assigned to more courses.
Go to the Administration / Courses / select the course you want to assign. Select Edit course entry, the form includes Certificate list. Select the certificate item and save the Course entry. Now is the certificate assigned.

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