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April 18, 2017 07:54PM
To set the time in the Lesson you may choose 2 approaches:

- set the total time for all lesson open attempts (trials), which is commonly used to limit the user time given to complete the Lesson. Means that the time counts from zero on first attempt and then from the point where he has stopped at the last attempt. Then the total time is the summary of all attempts or when reaches the total time, the lesson is closed and evaluated.

- set the time per attempt (trial), is used in cases where you prepare the student for a final exam, eg. regulatory trainings or certification and you want to let him see if he is able to complete the exam at a given time. The lesson will close when reaches the time limit. The time is reset at each attempt a gives to the user have an unlimited time. In case you set maximum number of attempts then the time is limited to the multiple of attempts and the time per attempt limit.

Example of the setting:
time limit: 10 min
limit time per trial: yes/no

In the Reporting detailed view it will appear in columns (the picture is example):

a) Total time limit
limit time per trial = no
total time: 00:08:22/00:10:00
last trial time: 00:03:54/∞
trials: 2/∞

you limit total time the user spend in all attempts in the lesson. I did 2 trial (from unlimited attempts), the last attempt was 3:54 minutes out unlimited attempt time. In total I have spent 8:22 minutes in the lesson out of total 10 minutes limit.

b) Time per attempt
limit time per trial = yes
total time: 00:08:22/∞
last trial time: 00:03:54/00:10:00
trials: 2/∞

you limit time per trial and the report shows. I did 2 attempts (from unlimited attempts), the last attempt was 3:54 minutes out of 10 minutes limit. In total I have spent 8:22 minutes in the lesson, total time isn't limited.

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