My own subdomain name - how to in steps

Posted by Jan Procházka 
Jan Procházka - My own subdomain name - how to in steps
September 18, 2017 07:15PM
The process of setting of your own domain name:

1) Create your platform
At the registration page and use the subdomain name you want to use in the future for your portal.
You may try EXAMPLEDOMAIN (if its not available try another combination)
Registration page is here

Then the system address will appear

In case you have your own platform created already, follow to step 3.

2) Set your password
You will receive the welcome message and the first login link in the message. Use this to login and setup your Password

3) Adapt your new domain entry with your domain registrator company
You need to add the CNAME into your domain settings. This is done with your domain registration company. Set the CNAME as exampledomain.mydomain.tld
(here you may set whatever subdomain name you like, eg myportal.mydomain.tld)

This name will be your new system address. The old one will be available as well but you will use your new as primary address

4) Switch on the new sub and domain name in
Go to the Administration / Settings and follow the process of adding My Subdomain name.
Switch on the Own domain name and add the address you have created in CNAME, like exampledomain.mydomain.tld
It may take some time (even hours) and your new address will work

Now your new subdomain name is set!
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