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March 04, 2018 05:37PM
Virtual Classroom is the lesson type that allows you to connect and interact students with teachers in a video conference where teachers can watch students react to the lesson and help them immediately if they struggle.
• Virtual classroom is n:n video conference and everybody is able to talk, listen and see the teacher video.
• Based on WebRTC, Virtual Classroom works perfectly on all mobile devices and runs on all modern browsers and platforms, you don’t need to install any plugins, additional software or browser extensions.
• We do recommend users to be on the fast connection with ideally no data limits. Bear in mind that the WebRTC - Real Time Communication is the video stream sharing from the user side at the upload side and getting the streams from all users same time at the download side. Our experience varies from 100MB - 200MB each 10 minutes at the conference with 5 users.
• In virtual classroom there always needs to be present the teacher or master, this is defined later in the course enrollment activity where every system registered user may be selected as the Teacher.
• The video stream is limited to flow from teacher to student in order to minimise the data flow. Student is able to see and hear teacher video but user has only the option to talk, mute/unmute microphone.

1. Edit - defines general settings
* Name - set a unique name to be able identify the lesson perfect (120 characters lenght available)
* Description - add detailed lesson description
* In New window - opens the test in New browser window
* Visible to all - the lesson will be visible to all system administrators and they may use it for their students as well.
* Needed score - Set the required score
- Set 0 when you don't expect the lesson must be passed, open the lesson is enough. Which is not the case as you want users to complete the SkillGap question, we guess.
- Set whatever else number to secure you want user answers. The score sets the number of questions that has to be answered by %.

2. Needed score - calculation
The maximum needed score in Virtual Classroom is considered as the time spent by the teacher and the student time should be reaching the same time value (this would be ideal 100%). As there might be some connection issues we have calculated the tolerance to the formula. In any case we do recommend to use figures lower then 100%.
Tolerance calculation:
Teachers time is always decreased either 30 seconds or 5% of the total time (dependent on which is greater) and this is set as the time for users evaluation.

3. Virtual lesson connection
All users have to agree on exact time to perform the virtual classroom connection. Each user starts the session from his Course / Lesson entry, using the Enter button and the conference engine is started.

All users, teach or student are sent to lobby where they either wait unless the teacher activates the lesson or are asked to enter the session by clicking the Enter button
The Virtual classroom begins at the moment when teacher starts the session. The timer starts at the same time. In case the user is inactive for 5 minutes (means has no computes activity) he gets the warning on his screen.
In the bottom part you see all users small video and you may pick whatever user to see his video stream. All participants hear all speaking users at the same time. To allow the voice traffic in the conference you may mute our microphone.

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