Masteradmin - Time tracking
January 15, 2019 09:10PM
Every lesson viewing has a time tracking feature implemented where the user may see the time he has spent in the lesson and also the time that is given by teacher to study it. Time that the user has spent in all attempts and the last study attempt is then reported in the Reporting module.

For the time limit there may be values from 0 to unlimited. The time setting is done when creating or editing lesson entry.

There might happen some situations when the time is reported as 0, the reasons for that might be following:
- After loading the page with the lesson, it is determined how much time has elapsed, and sets the timer accordingly
- Then a timer and a timer with an interval of 10 seconds are started, which sends the current elapsed time to the server.
- In case the interval is shorter then 10sec, reporting will show 0

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