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November 14, 2013 07:38PM
Score is the value thats must be reached in order to reach its completion.
Course score result is given by completing individual lessons and calculates as a percentage. If the score value is equal to Score needed value, the completion status is reached, regardless on completing or viewing of residual lessons. Therefore consider the value, it may be easily 100% as you usually place the lessons intentionally.

The score may be found in Administration / Courses / Course Edit
It's either set by yourself or the uploaded packages, such as SCORM

Calculation example:
1 lesson in the course ; 100% = 1 lesson completed
2 lessons in the course ; 50% = 1 lesson completed ; 100% = 2 lessons completed
3 lessons in the course ; 33% = 1 lesson completed ; 66% = 2 lessons completed ; 100% = 3 lessons completed

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