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November 14, 2013 07:48PM
SCORM score is set once you upload the scorm package which usually contains its built in score information. I cases you need to define your own, there is a chance to uncheck the function "Load needed score from package", then you are able enter your own value which will be compared with SCORM package score feedback.

As the scorm package loads into the browser and returns the results back to the system its usually required to complete the SCORM slides to trigger the communication, it's usually obvious as you usually continue to next slide. But in case you leave before the continuing the latest particular (1 step) result may be lost. All results are captured in Reporting module.

In some cases the SCORM package may be set to return the complete / incomplete value at the end of the SCORM lesson, at the last page. If the lesson is finished by closing the browser window or browser back button the data may not be transmitted. This package behavior is usually given by the fact that some LMS Interaction data setting is missed and therefore the file reports only at the end. You may either try to find proper settings or should inform users how to complete the lesson.

As a best practice we do recommend:
- inform the user how to complete finish the lesson, means to click on the native scorm file close or finish button. You may do this on first or second lesson page, you may provide information about the goal, duration and some operation facts.
- you always should test your files and make a test enrollments before you make a real enroll

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