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Root - Enroll Users to Course / Content
October 13, 2013 10:30PM
To assign user(s) to the course there is the Enroll user function in the Users module.

1. Go to the Administration and select the users module
2. Select users and start enroll

You need to select one or more users (pick each single user or use select all or group filter) in the User module and select the Enroll User... action, then the screen with the content and courses selection appears. If you don't have the access to the User module you are not given rights to this module, in case you need to assign users for activities, contact your system admin.

3. Set enrollment parameters

- Select Course / Content to be enrolled - click the list and select the content. Once you open the course list, you may see the contents grouped by its Course type (Free Course, Course, Onboarding, Survey, ...) or Learning plan which is helping you to better search for the contents you want to assign.
- Select the prerequisite - in case you require prerequisites to be completed before the user may enter the content you are enrolling, select the content. The course you are enrolling at the moment will remain locked for access unless the prerequisite is completed. In case the same prerequisite was completed already in the 1 month timeframe before, its taken as completed and the course will be unlocked immediately.
- Users to enroll tab - you may still deselect some users in the tab, click the tab and user the remove button for each user to be deselected.

4. Price
Calculates the actual fee for the enrollment based on the Course type (see the course types here) and number of users you want to enroll. You may see also your actual credit balance so you perfectly know if you may perform the action within your budgets. In case there is not enough credit in the wallet, the function will inform you and redirect to wallet with the amount calculated exactly to allow complete the enrollment transaction.

While in other systems are paying for the number of users, courses or other records and pay monthly, in-Training Online LMS can have unlimited entries and only pay for use of the platform, which has actually been done. It is as simple as doing nothing, you pay nothing!
Additionally, the platform available and the pricing plan for free, so you can use the platform for your education completely free of cost!

5. Due
You set the number of days, weeks, ... as per Due Unit

Consider the due dates carefully when you enroll the course as there is no way to change or extend. The dates are fixed dates as its expected its the student deadline. The solutions for that are:
a. Set the due date long enough
b. Set the due date with 0 which means it will have no expiration and will be visible unless its completed or failed (in reality the there is a limit 730 days which we believe gives enough of room to call it unlimited from the student's perspective)

6. Due Unit
The list of units contains days, weeks, months, years. Use in connection of units to set your time period you need. Days unit is weekdays.

7. Repeat
Mark repeat for cases you want to enroll the course in regular period again. The function works well for regulatory courses which needs to be completed in defined cycle and helps you to manage the enrollment with no effort.

8. Due
You set the number of days, weeks, ... as per Due Unit

9. Due Unit
The list of units contains days, weeks, months, years. Use in connection of units to set your time period you need. Days unit is weekdays.

10. SAVE
The enroll will be completed, users will be informed about the enrollment via email notification. You may adapt the email messages in the notifications module as per your needs.

Enrollment parameters
All enrollments parameters are set in the system and are kept even in cases you will change the course or lesson parameters. Training-Online.eu LMS has uses the versioning function and the function is used to having the evidence of each version exactly.

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