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February 23, 2021 11:54AM
In order to make easier Data Space Management, you may find the detailed Uploaded files report.

The file can be deleted only in case there is no relation to enrollment, lesson, course, question, skin, you have to remove those dependencies first.
For cases you want to delete the study content Uploaded files exactly show you where the content is used in.
You find the uploaded files in Administration / Settings / Uploaded files

Report contains:
Name - name of the file, you can filter particular file by its name
Size - file size in kB, MB
Usage - states where is the file in actual use, it may be:
* Lessons - click to the link takes you to the Lessons and prefilter lessons by name - please ensure you select the proper one to delete, as there may be more results shown as per the file name string
* Courses - click to the link takes you to the Lessons and prefilter lessons by name - you need to remove lessons from the course
* Enrolled courses - you need to remove active enrollments (the report shows all enrollments but you may filter to find the active ones)
* Skins - files used in skins - you will be routed to the SKINS module and remove the attached file from your SKIN library

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