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Posted by Airobotics Donchin 
Airobotics Donchin - Replacing PDF
January 09, 2018 11:42AM

I have created a lesson and I uploaded a PDF, if I want to change the file I need to erase the lesson and upload a new lesson.
Can you add an option for uploading a new file to the same lesson?

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Masteradmin - Re: Replacing PDF
January 11, 2018 09:20PM
the reason why for the procedure ou have described is tha fact in case you replace the file only, you will change the content of the course. As we use the versioning to ensure being able prove the content of the course.
Anyway thank you we have put into the development list and will discuss if there some ways to make the life easier.
Marina Crutchley - Re: Replacing PDF
February 06, 2018 09:24PM
how do I use the test editor
Masteradmin - Re: Replacing PDF
February 06, 2018 10:35PM
see the article how to create Test editor lesson
Masteradmin - Re: Replacing PDF
September 23, 2018 12:30PM
We believe this is a good request to simplify using your LMS. We have resolved this and now the replace file is available since the 4/18 release.
You may now update the lesson file easily.

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