Using on smart devices (App like)

Posted by Jan Procházka 
Jan Procházka - Using on smart devices (App like)
June 06, 2016 08:47PM
You may use and consider using of as an Application on your smart device, phones, iPads, ... Even though itself runs in cloud, you may get an App behaviour, get the direct access to the app and make your life easier. is based on the HTML5 web technology and the web application itself looks the same as the phone application, we call it APP like – you can create the App icon on your mobile device easily.

The platform engine and all evaluation criteria are located in our cloud farm, therefore it’s necessary to study the content online. This is the reason we have chosen the web browser technology. APP like (same like Application), which means that the user may create his own Icon on his mobile phone or tablet screen and access the eLearning platform directly. The APP Icon then opens the platform directly, same way as any other APP Icon. application is fully compatible with IOS, Android or Windows operating system.

See the pictures to add the App Icon on your smart device:
1. Open the in you web browser (we do recommend Google Chrome)
2. Click on the browser menu
3. Click on "Add to home screen"

4. You will find the Icon on your home screen

5. Tap to open the applicetaion
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