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August 23, 2016 11:57AM
Video Lesson is the dynamic type of lesson used in and allows you to add just 2 types of video format.
* uploaded video file - MP4 video files may be uploaded and stored in the platform, which secures you a maximum data privacy
* YouTube video link - Videos that are stored on YouTube may be linked, viewed and tracked in platform (TIP: you may create YouTube non public profile if you want to use YouTube videos but don't want public visitors to see your content. Be aware that once the video link is distributed, people who got the link whatever way, may see the video)

Fill the Video Lesson form and Save:
* Name - set a unique name to be able identify the lesson perfect (120 characters lenght available)
* Description - add detailed lesson description
* In New window - opens the test in New browser window
* Visible to all - the lesson will be visible to all system administrators and they may use it for their students as well.
* Number of trials - set the number of trials. This number then checks number of opens the document and if reached it will lock users access to the lesson. You may set 0 for unlimited attempts.
* Needed score - for Video lesson simply 2 values are applicable:
- 0 when you don't expect the lesson must be passed
- 100 when you require the file to be open
* Source type - select the Video source.
- Uploaded video file - select the video file within your computer file system and upload. Please pay attention to File sizes available for uploads. In case the uploaded file is larger then the values, the system will prevent uploading. You need to resolve in Settings / Space Management.. You may replace the file in the future anytime.
- Add External video link - copy the YouTube video link from its address line and paste to the address field in the form.

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