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Masteradmin - Create Announcement lesson
August 23, 2016 04:38PM
Announcement is the lesson type that allows you to share and distribute company internal announcements or policy. For cases you want ensure that the content reached the users or you require their acceptance and finally have the read or accept details evidence in reporting module, this is the right one for you.
This lesson has 2 tabs:

1. Edit lesson - defines general settings (Always complete 1st tab and Save to make other tabs available)
2. Edit document - Add your content

Ad 1) Fill the Announcement Lesson form and Save (follow direction 1 first):
* Name - set a unique name to be able identify the lesson perfect (120 characters lenght available)
* Description - add detailed lesson description
* In New window - opens the test in New browser window

Ad 2) Edit document (follow direction 2)
* Document ID - In case you have some special doc ID to be identified based on this. You may find in report later.
* Content - add your content, including pictures. By using this editor, you may refer to external pictures stored on some public ftp or upload images to the platform storage. Please pay attention to File sizes available for uploads. In case the uploaded file is larger than the values, the system will prevent uploading. You need to resolve in Settings / Space Management
* Accept button - use the accept buton where the confirmation of user understanding is required. In case you add this button, the time of Acceptance is recorded. In case the Accept button is off, the document open time will be recorded.

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