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August 26, 2016 12:21PM
Survey is the lesson type used for getting the feedback from your audience (employees, customers, partners, ...) The feedback should help you improve your areas of interest based on the answers
Each Survey lesson has 4 tabs:

1. Edit - defines general settings (Always complete 1st tab and Save to make other tabs available)
2. Question editor - Create questions - select type of lesson you add to the test
3. Questions in lesson - shows questions you have assigned to the lesson
4. Question bin - shows all questions created either by you or marked as visible to all by other users

Ad 1) Fill the Survey Lesson Edit tab and Save (follow direction 1 first):
* Name - set a unique name to be able identify the lesson perfect (120 characters lenght available)
* Description - add detailed lesson description
* In New window - opens the test in New browser window
* Visible to all - the lesson will be visible to all system administrators and they may use it for their students as well.
* Needed score - Set the required score
- Set 0 when you don't expect the lesson must be passed, open the lesson is enough. Which is not the case in the lesson where you want to get enough answers.
- Set whatever else number to secure you want user to complete the Survey. The percentage defines number of questions that has to be answered.

Go to next tabs following the direction 2

Ad 2) Question editor
Select the type of question that fits best to your purposes, available types:
* Scale - user fills up the number fro the scale you define
* One Correct - just one correct answer from more

As there is chance to add pictures into questions, please pay attention to File sizes available for uploads. In case the uploaded file is larger than the values, the system will prevent uploading. You need to resolve in Settings / Space Management

Ad 3) Questions in Areas
Tab shows the questions assigned to the lesson and put in areas. Each area is then shown in logical appearance. You may make an exact question order by moving up and down.

Ad 4) Question bin
Is the bin where all your questions done so far are visible and may be reused. Also the questions by other authors marked as visible to all are visible here. Question bin is an overall question storage.
You may add or remove questions to and from the lesson.

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